ThatPlace Vetting Request Form

** Vetting requests require an email address for each person. **
Submitting a vetting request with the same email address will overwrite the first submitted request.

Your legal information will be used for Public Record check, Sex and Violent Offender look up. Searches will have an emphasis on, but not exclusive to, abusive behaviors and theft. We will strive to be fair in our vetting process. Every effort will be made to keep your information private. Only the management of ThatPlace will have access to personal information.
*** Adding to the email contact or whitelist will help ensure emails from ThatPlace will not marked as spam. ***

Vetting requests are usually processed within 48 hours and a response sent via email.  Please directed any questions to regarding vetting, ThatPlace, and if an email response is not received to or PM ThatPlace profile on FetLife.  

FetLife Members: Please include your FetLife Profile Name and URL in the application.
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Enter "NONE" if no middle name.
MM/DD/YYYY format
Open FetLife or Facebook, then view your profile. In the address bar of the web browser is the URL for your profile. Copy and past the URL to this field.
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If it was FetLife, please include your FetLife profile information in the fields above.
Use this area for any comments or references and group memberships you would like to provide.
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